piątek, 21 sierpnia 2015

Radagast with Sebastian - painted Hobbit miniature (HOBBIT)

yesterday just after i receive glory parcel i have open Radagast with Sebastian blister and today i manage to finish him. Miniature is great and i did not find any miscasts or bubbles. Im really happy that i get him as he is OOP and i think not many of them left.
I'm  satisfy with final effect.

Movie :


Lets hunt some.... sell outs!

im really happy as yesterday i have receive package stuffed with Lotr/Hobbit miniatures. About a week ago i have found a toy store that have big sell out of old stuff and guess what, they have Lotr/Hobbit products also. All prices about 60-70% lower so i made a huge shopping. Im so happy as I have great material for my paintings efforts. Dunlendings, corsairs, plastic wargs, looots of new mirkwood and gundabad, dol amroth, some oop stuff like few Radagasts, mahud king, armoured Faramir, over 40 blisters and few boxes. Im totally happy :P

I highly recommend you looking for Gw products in shops not definitely focused on wargaming. 

czwartek, 13 sierpnia 2015

Painted GUNDABD ORCS (with captains) - warparty 2

her is another part of Gundabad forces paint last week  for my friend Kev. This time it is 13 troops lead by two captains. The red one was presented several days, this time he is with his fellow:)


and some PICTURES

poniedziałek, 3 sierpnia 2015

Painted GUNDABAD ORCS - warparty 1

few weeks ago i have finished a pack of Gundabad orcs. I think this miniatures are really great,
the sculpt are done very well, however casting is rather bad. Assembling  require a lots of work with knife and green stuff.
However i would highly recommend this minis as the pose and sculpt are very natural and  similar to what we see in movie.
The only drawback is that they are made of finecast and are quite expensive if you would like to build larger force. In future i would definitely work more with Gundabads.
Kind regrds