wtorek, 16 czerwca 2015

Fake alert - episode 1 (Shieldbearer)

I remember when I returned (after several years) to collecting LotR miniatures I really wanted to avoid a situation that I pick up fake miniatures.

As I don’t want to spend money on cast copies I have to check every miniature and try to track those corrupted :)

After some examination I could recognise cast fakes easily. Most of fakes are the same and each miniature has the same characteristic flaws (from the same "producer").

Today I would like to present copy of  Dwarf Shieldbearer. 
Since last year  I have seen at least a few of them sold on EB, it is a pity that  people pay for this cast crap (20-30 GBP).
Most characteristic thing on cast copy would be:
1. Axe, is really badly cast, and it looks as if it was broken, and glued together. Also fingers are barely visible. There is no holes in the axe. Here you can see how the axe should look like.

2. Almost no trace of fingers.
3. Shallow chainmail, holes are filled with metal material.
4. You can hardly read the miniature name on the base bar and sometimes base bar is missing at all. 

-take a close look at the axe
-check the base bar
-control detail depth
-ask for a detailed photo if you ar not sure

Here is an example of my own miniature:

poniedziałek, 15 czerwca 2015

Gandalf Minas Tirith - review (LotR)

for my first review I decided to choose one of the iconic hero of the Lord of the Rings realm:

Gandlaf Minas Tirith  (Gandalf the White on Shadowfax)

The miniature was released on 18th April 2010 together with other models for War of the Rings supplement. The miniature was produced by Games Workshop and is part of their Strategy Battle Game range. You can find its first official pictures in White Dwarf no.352

We can have  this miniature  unassembled and unpainted,  packed in blister. First edition was made of metal, but now we can obtain only resin version (packed together with Gandalf on foot). Old metal version now is out of production, but it is still possible to get it on the second hand market (recommended).
Release price was £ 8, now for the resin version you will pay
£ 22 . If you wish to get metal version, be prepared for the price around £ 30-40.
This is the third model of mounted Gandalf and second version of Gandalf the White. All its predecessors were really great miniatures.
I watch closely whole "Return of the King" and at first glance I thought this shot below shows Gandalf meeting Witch king,  but after further examination I realised I was wrong.

It is the scene just before breaching Minast Tirith main Gates. For a few seconds we can see Gandalf rising Glamdring and shouting "fire" so the deadly cloud of Gondorian arrows can properly welcome incoming Trolls:))

Gandalf was sculpted perfectly Michael Perry.  Pose is full of emotion and greatly recreate scene from the movie. Shadowfax is, in my opinion, the best horse miniature released by Games Workshop (LOTR).

Level of detail, depth, anatomy are simply AWESOME. Small gaps after assembling can be easily filled with green stuff.

Summarising, I would say it is one of the best miniatures out of all LOTR range. I can highly recommend getting metal version (second hand only).

Overall note: 8+
Pose quality: 9
Sculpt: 8
Rarity: R3 (still available in FC)

Hello and.. farewell.

Hello and ... farewell,

Welcome to my blog. It is a place, where I would like to share with you my passion for miniatures collecting, modeling and maybe painting . I am interested in many aspects of it, but what brings me the most of joy talking  taking about it :). Please, do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions. Enjoy.