czwartek, 8 września 2016

Future plans and predictions


in February we have serious redecoration of our flat, i have lost my painting place (become wardrobe) and i thought that it would be difficult to find other  proper place  where i could stock my stuff, models, paints, etc. This and situation with my son, cause that i have seriously consider ending with miniatures and painting at all. After some struggle with myself  and long debates with my wife i decide to return to painting.

Guess where ?? in my wardrobe, whole 0,62 m2 only for me and my hobbies :):):)

Whats more i decide to make some change gees related to interactive side of my hobby:

*still running a blog not only as a painting portfolio
*dewelope my facebook profile (yes, until now i do not have any facebook profile)
*keep adding some new videos on my youtube channel (youtube is the future)
*i will consider adding some  post related with my other hobbies (other than painting)