wtorek, 16 czerwca 2015

Fake alert - episode 1 (Shieldbearer)

I remember when I returned (after several years) to collecting LotR miniatures I really wanted to avoid a situation that I pick up fake miniatures.

As I don’t want to spend money on cast copies I have to check every miniature and try to track those corrupted :)

After some examination I could recognise cast fakes easily. Most of fakes are the same and each miniature has the same characteristic flaws (from the same "producer").

Today I would like to present copy of  Dwarf Shieldbearer. 
Since last year  I have seen at least a few of them sold on EB, it is a pity that  people pay for this cast crap (20-30 GBP).
Most characteristic thing on cast copy would be:
1. Axe, is really badly cast, and it looks as if it was broken, and glued together. Also fingers are barely visible. There is no holes in the axe. Here you can see how the axe should look like.

2. Almost no trace of fingers.
3. Shallow chainmail, holes are filled with metal material.
4. You can hardly read the miniature name on the base bar and sometimes base bar is missing at all. 

-take a close look at the axe
-check the base bar
-control detail depth
-ask for a detailed photo if you ar not sure

Here is an example of my own miniature:

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